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CVBI is a partnership between two of the strongest Entrepreneurial and Business Development programs in the Central San Joaquin Valley. With a combined history of nearly 50 years, the organization has a cadre of tested and well-developed programming of established curricula, online services, workshops, a network of stakeholders and resource providers and a staff of experienced and caring counselors who provide direction and follow up necessary to ensure success. With such a robust network, CVBI can meet the needs of entrepreneurs with an idea for a new business, innovators who wish to explore a new technology, and business owners looking to strengthen and grow their established small business.

Collectively, the CVBI/SBDC to date has served approximately 15,000 entrepreneurs and business owners, created or retained more than 5,000 jobs, and generated nearly $50 million in capital infusion. Programming, training and guidance services are comprised of one-on-one consultations, classroom style, single topic workshops and seminars. We have developed a growing online “Virtual Incubator” that centers on a robust business planning course which includes training modules on the eight core elements of business and is incorporating online chat and a Skype-based consulting service. This accessibility is especially important to those people in outlying and rural communities, or those with permanent or temporarily limited mobility, including disabled Veterans, who would benefit from these services.



1:1 Consultation with a subject matter expert (SME). These individuals are from the public and private sector and are available at no cost. From accounting to strategic planning to marketing to capital acquisition (and more), experts exisit to help you overcome barriers and move toward business success.


We have sourced and recruited preferred service providers (PSP) in the areas of business law, government contracting, branding, web strategy, human resources and loan packaging to name a few. Not only are they experts, they like working with early stage and expanding businesses. They offer great service and great value.


We like to brag…mostly about clients we work with — Blasting your name and story via our eNews, creating a profile on our site, promotion at events and tradeshows, securing radio interviews, and allowing for showcase opportunities. Are some of the ways to get your name out there.

Access to Capital

For those seeking capital, we can help. We will help you determine if you are capital-ready or capital-worthy and which mechanism is the best fit: Angel/Seed Funding, Venture Funding, Microloans, Bootstrapping.


There are monthly, quarterly and annual events in which you are able to network and promote your business. We have roundtable discussions, host regional and national conferences, hold industry-specific events that attract VIPs from around the world. Our goal is to create events that are meaningful to you while allowing your business to grow.

Member Discounts

We have secured preferred rates on services, events and tools that allow you to save money: Free Wi-Fi, Discounted Copies, Discounted Fax, Meeting Space


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